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  •  Beginner         (3 Months)
  • Advanced         (3 Months)
  • Full program  (6 Months: Beginner and Advanced)

Course Fee:

  • Registration: 5000 CFA
  • Three-Month Program: 90,000 CFA
  • Six-Month Program: 170,000 CFA

 50% installment is allowed.

About this Course: The Comprehensive Web Development Training Program is designed to equip participants with foundational and advanced skills in building dynamic and interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The program spans six months, with the initial three months focusing on basics and the subsequent three months covering advanced topics.

Phase 1: Basics (3 Months)

Month 1: Introduction to HTML

  • Understanding the structure of HTML documents
  • HTML tags, elements, and attributes
  • Creating basic web pages with HTML
  • Semantic HTML for better accessibility and SEO

Month 2: CSS Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • CSS syntax, selectors, and properties
  • Styling HTML elements with CSS
  • Layout techniques using CSS (flexbox, grid)

Month 3: Introduction to JavaScript

  • Overview of JavaScript and its role in web development
  • JavaScript syntax and data types
  • Working with variables, operators, and control structures
  • Introduction to functions and event handling in JavaScript

Phase 2: Advanced (3 Months)

Month 4: Advanced CSS Techniques

  • Advanced CSS selectors and pseudo-classes
  • CSS transitions, animations, and keyframes
  • Responsive web design with media queries
  • CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less) for efficient styling

Month 5: Intermediate JavaScript

  • Working with arrays, objects, and loops in JavaScript
  • DOM manipulation and traversal using JavaScript
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and Promises
  • Introduction to client-side frameworks/libraries (e.g., jQuery)

Month 6: Advanced JavaScript Concepts

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) in JavaScript
  • Advanced JavaScript functions (closures, callbacks, and arrow functions)
  • Error handling and debugging techniques
  • Introduction to modern JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue.js)

Project Work: Throughout the program, participants will work on hands-on projects to build interactive and dynamic websites, applying the concepts and skills learned in the training.


  • Regular quizzes, assignments, and coding exercises are used to assess understanding
  • Evaluation of project deliverables and website functionality
  • Final project demonstrating proficiency in web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Certification: Upon successful completion of the program and passing the final assessment, participants will receive a certificate of completion in Comprehensive Web Development.

10 Benefits of the Training

  1. Marketable Skills: Web development skills are in high demand, offering numerous job opportunities with competitive salaries.
  2. Versatility: Web developers can work in various industries, including technology, e-commerce, media, and marketing.
  3. Creativity: Web development allows for creative expression through design and functionality, bringing ideas to life on the web.
  4. Flexibility: Web development skills can be applied to freelance projects, remote work opportunities, or starting a web development business.
  5. Continuous Learning: Web development is a dynamic field with constantly evolving technologies, providing opportunities for continuous learning and growth.
  6. Career Advancement: Successful web development experience and certification pave the way for career advancement opportunities and higher-level roles.
  7. Collaboration: Web developers often collaborate with designers, marketers, and other team members, fostering teamwork and communication skills.
  8. Contribution to Digital Economy: Web developers contribute to the digital economy by creating websites and web applications that drive online business and commerce.
  9. Personal Fulfillment: Successfully developing and launching a website or web application can bring a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment.
  10. Impact: Web developers have the opportunity to make a significant impact by creating user-friendly, accessible, and innovative web experiences for people worldwide.