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  •  Beginner         (3 Months)
  • Advanced         (3 Months)
  • Full program  (6 Months: Beginner and Advanced)

Course Fee:

  • Registration: 5000 CFA
  • Three-Month Program: 60,000 CFA
  • Six-Month Program: 110,000 CFA

 50% installment is allowed.

About this Course: The photography training program aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in both the basics and advanced aspects of photography, preparing them for a successful career in the field.

This training program is designed to provide a solid foundation and advanced skills for individuals aspiring to pursue a successful career in photography, catering to both beginners and those looking to elevate their expertise.

Phase 1: Basics (3 Months)

  1. Introduction to Photography

    • Understanding the history and evolution of photography
    • Introduction to various types of photography (portrait, landscape, wildlife, etc.)
  2. Camera Basics

    • Understanding camera components and their functions
    • Different types of cameras and their uses (DSLRs, mirrorless, etc.)
  3. Understanding Light

    • Basics of light and its importance in photography
    • Natural and artificial light sources
  4. Composition and Framing

    • Rules of composition (Rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, etc.)
    • Framing techniques and their significance
  5. Exposure Triangle

    • Understanding aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
    • Achieving proper exposure in different lighting conditions
  6. Basic Editing

    • Introduction to photo editing software (Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop)
    • Basic editing techniques (cropping, color correction, exposure adjustment)

Project Work:

  • Participants will undertake practical assignments focusing on applying the concepts learned in each module.
  • Projects may include capturing different subjects, experimenting with composition techniques, and basic editing tasks.


  • Regular quizzes and assignments to evaluate understanding and application of concepts.
  • Final project assessment where participants showcase their best works.


  • Certificate of completion awarded upon successfully finishing the basics module.

Career Opportunities:

  • Assistant photographer
  • Freelance photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Event photographer
  • Product photographer

Estimated Salary (Entry Level): $25,000 - $40,000 annually

Phase 2: Advanced (3 Months)

  1. Advanced Camera Techniques

    • Mastering manual mode and advanced camera settings
    • Creative use of shutter speed and aperture for artistic effects
  2. Advanced Lighting Techniques

    • Off-camera flash photography
    • Studio lighting setups and techniques
  3. Advanced Composition

    • Advanced composition techniques (Golden ratio, framing with elements, etc.)
    • Developing a personal style and vision
  4. Specialized Photography

    • Macro photography
    • Astrophotography
    • Underwater photography
  5. Advanced Editing

    • Advanced retouching techniques
    • HDR imaging and panoramic stitching
  6. Portfolio Development

    • Creating a professional portfolio showcasing the participant's best works
    • Understanding the importance of presentation and storytelling in a portfolio

Project Work:

  • Participants will work on building their advanced portfolio throughout the module.


  • Regular feedback sessions on portfolio development and technical skills.
  • Final portfolio presentation and review.


  • Certificate of completion awarded upon successfully finishing the advanced module.

Career Opportunities (Advanced Level):

  • Fine art photographer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Commercial photographer
  • Studio manager
  • Photography educator

Estimated Salary (Advanced Level): $40,000 - $100,000+ annually

10 Benefits of the Training

  1. Comprehensive Skill Development: Gain expertise in both basic and advanced photography techniques.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Practical assignments and projects ensure real-world application of learned concepts.
  3. Professional Certification: Earn a recognized certificate upon completion, enhancing credibility in the industry.
  4. Career Advancement: Unlock opportunities for various photography careers, from freelancing to specialized niches.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and peers, fostering potential collaborations and mentorships.
  6. Creative Expression: Develop a unique visual voice and style through personalized projects and portfolio development.
  7. Portfolio Enhancement: Build a professional portfolio showcasing your best works, essential for career advancement.
  8. Flexibility: Learn at your own pace with structured modules and flexible scheduling options.
  9. Industry Insights: Gain insights into industry trends, client expectations, and best practices from experienced instructors.
  10. Personal Fulfillment: Explore your passion for photography and unleash your creative potential in a supportive learning environment