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  •  Beginner         (3 Months)
  • Advanced         (3 Months)
  • Full program  (6 Months: Beginner and Advanced)

Course Fee:

  • Registration: 5000 CFA
  • Three-Month Program: 90,000 CFA
  • Six-Month Program: 170,000 CFA

 50% installment is allowed.

About this Course: The Games and Animation training program aims to provide participants with fundamental knowledge and advanced skills in game development and animation, preparing them for a rewarding career in the creative industry.

This training program offers a structured pathway for individuals passionate about games and animation to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic and exciting field of digital entertainment.

Phase 1: Basics (3 Months)

  1. Introduction to Game Development and Animation

    • Understanding the fundamentals of game design and animation principles
    • Overview of the gaming and animation industry
  2. Digital Tools and Software

    • Introduction to game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine) and animation software (Adobe Animate, Blender)
    • Basic navigation and interface familiarity
  3. Game Design Basics

    • Game mechanics and gameplay elements
    • Storyboarding and concept art
  4. Animation Fundamentals

    • Principles of animation (squash and stretch, timing, anticipation)
    • Keyframe animation techniques
  5. 3D Modeling Basics

    • Introduction to 3D modeling software (Blender, Autodesk Maya)
    • Modeling simple objects and characters
  6. Sound Design and Music

    • Basics of sound effects and music production for games and animations
    • Integration of audio into projects

Project Work:

  • Participants will work on small-scale game prototypes and short animation projects to apply the concepts learned in each module.


  • Regular quizzes and assignments to assess understanding and application of concepts.
  • Evaluation of project work based on creativity, technical proficiency, and adherence to guidelines.


  • Certificate of completion awarded upon successfully finishing the basics module.

Career Opportunities:

  • Game designer
  • Animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Storyboard artist
  • Game tester

Estimated Salary (Entry Level): $30,000 - $50,000 annually

Phase 2: Advanced (3 Months)

  1. Advanced Game Development Techniques

    • Advanced scripting and programming in game engines
    • Implementing complex game mechanics and systems
  2. Advanced Animation Techniques

    • Character animation rigging and skinning
    • Advanced keyframe and procedural animation
  3. Advanced 3D Modeling

    • Character modeling and sculpting
    • Environmental modeling and texturing
  4. Interactive Storytelling

    • Narrative design and branching storylines for games
    • Emphasis on player engagement and immersion
  5. Advanced Sound Design and Integration

    • Creating immersive soundscapes and dynamic audio effects
    • Integrating audio with gameplay and animation seamlessly
  6. Portfolio Development

    • Building a professional portfolio showcasing advanced projects and specialized skills
    • Presentation techniques and portfolio optimization

Project Work:

  • Participants will focus on developing a comprehensive portfolio of advanced game prototypes, animations, or a combination of both.


  • Regular feedback sessions on portfolio development and technical skills.
  • Final portfolio presentation and review.


  • Certificate of completion awarded upon successfully finishing the advanced module.

Career Opportunities (Advanced Level):

  • Lead game designer
  • Senior animator
  • Technical artist
  • Creative director
  • Game producer

Estimated Salary (Advanced Level): $50,000 - $100,000+ annually

10 Benefits of the Training

  1. Comprehensive Skillset: Gain expertise in both game development and animation, covering various aspects of the creative process.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Practical projects allow participants to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing proficiency.
  3. Industry-Standard Tools: Learn to use industry-standard software and game engines, preparing for professional environments.
  4. Career Versatility: Explore diverse career opportunities in gaming studios, animation studios, advertising agencies, and more.
  5. Creative Freedom: Develop creative storytelling skills and unleash artistic expression through games and animation projects.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals and fellow enthusiasts, fostering potential collaborations and mentorships.
  7. Portfolio Enhancement: Build a compelling portfolio showcasing a range of skills and projects, essential for career advancement.
  8. Job Security: Enter a thriving industry with growing demand for skilled game developers and animators worldwide.
  9. Personal Growth: Cultivate problem-solving skills, teamwork abilities, and project management expertise essential for professional success.
  10. Passion Pursuit: Pursue a fulfilling career aligned with your passion for gaming, animation, and digital creativity, leading to lifelong satisfaction.